Are you ready for this gorgeous-looking beetroot raita?!

* Gorgeous with natural colors!

* So easy to make and yet so delicious and nutritious.

* A simple recipe requiring just a few ingredients.

*Perfect for busy weeknight dinners - comes together in very little time

* Is versatile - serve it as a side, have it as a dip or spread, or have it on its own as a snack.

This recipe is free from:

01 Gluten

03 Nuts

02 Soy

Flour Bag

This is an allium-free and grain-free  recipe

You can use fresh or  pre-boiled (the vacuum packed) ones. Do not use tinned beetroot for this recipe. 

Wash, peel, and grate or mince the beetroot. Cut the chilies into halves, lengthwise. 


Use a food processor to save your fingers  from getting deeply stained with the color. 

Place a wok/skillet on medium-high heat. Add ghee and cumin seeds. Fry till the cumin seeds darken.


Add green chilies. beetroot, salt, and water. Cover, and cook till beetroot is soft. 


Garnish with any or all of these: * cumin and mustard seeds fried in ghee. * more chilies  * fresh herbs (cilantor, dill, mint) * some bhuna jeera


Serve cold as a side with your meal or have it on its own.  Enjoy :)