Rustic style delicious and healthy dish of spinach and potatoes that pairs well with any flatbread. 

If you have eaten at a dhaba - roadside eateries commonly found along Indian freeways (highways) - it is likely that you have eaten aloo palak, a wholesome blend of potatoes and spinach.

*A delicious, "I cannot stop eating it" kind of dish!

*Comes together quickly (under 30 minutes) - perfect for weeknight dinners.

*A budget-friendly dish and a one-pot wonder that saves washing up as well!

*A vegan dish that is free from many allergens (visit link below for details)

* Is flexible - add more flavors and textures as you like!

Potatoes and spinach in this recipe are in good ratio making it super healthy.

Check the recipe card on the blog for full recipe.

Top tips for making perfect aloo palak: * Use potatoes that are firm and will not mush down easily.  * Use baby spinach or leaves and tender stems only.  *Tomatoes - less in quantity - just for some moisture and acidity.  * Do not grind the aromatics - just finely chop them.

This recipe is free from:

01 Gluten

03 Nuts

04 Soy

02 Dairy

Flour Bag

This is a vegan and grain free recipe. 

How can I store my aloo  palak? 

It stays good in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. Store it in a glass container with a tight lid.

What to serve with aloo palak?

This rustic dhaba-style dish is generally served with some tandoori roti or naan, a simple salad, and some dahi (Indian yogurt). This dish tastes good with rice as well.

Can I use frozen spinach?

This recipe works best with fresh spinach. However, you can use frozen spinach if that is what you have. Make sure you thaw the frozen spinach and squeeze out as much of the water as you can.