Kootu is a Tamil word for a stew made with lentils and vegetables.


Delicious and Healthy Recipe

In this kootu, yellow (moong) lentils are simmered gently with chunks of zucchini and a masala made with fresh coconut, cumin, and black pepper.

This recipe is free of

01 Gluten

Flour Bag

02 Grains

Brown Rice

03 Nuts


04 Soy


05 Dairy


Prepping for zucchini kootu

This recipe comes together in just 30 minutes, is a one-pot dish. Perfect for a busy weeknight dinner menu!

This recipe is: * Quick and easy - made in one-pot * Mild and comforting with warming spices * Versatile - have it on its own as a meal or as a side * Is flexible - make it with any vegetable of your choice

Zucchini, though not traditionally used in kootu, works beautifully in this recipe, making it a smooth, comforting stew with a gentle warmth from the black pepper and a hint of green chili.



1. Dice the zucchini into bite-sized pieces. 

For best taste and texture

2. Grind the coconut, cumin seeds, black pepper, and green chili with water to a coarse paste (the masala)

3. Use fresh or frozen grated coconut.   If using coconut pieces, mince them in a grinder first. 

Kootu can be made with other vegetables such as bottle gourd, chayote squash, ridge gourd, pumpkin, radish, carrots , and cabbage.

Traditionally, kootu is served with hot rice, ghee and poppadum.