Kootu is a Tamil word for a stew made with lentils and vegetables.


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In this kootu, yellow (moong) lentils are simmered gently with chunks of zucchini and a masala made with fresh coconut, cumin, and black pepper.

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Prepping for zucchini kootu

This recipe comes together in just 30 minutes, is a one-pot dish. Perfect for a busy weeknight dinner menu!

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This recipe is: * Quick and easy - made in one-pot * Mild and comforting with warming spices * Versatile - have it on its own as a meal or as a side * Is flexible - make it with any vegetable of your choice

Zucchini, though not traditionally used in kootu, works beautifully in this recipe, making it a smooth, comforting stew with a gentle warmth from the black pepper and a hint of green chili.



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For best taste and texture

1. Dice the zucchini into bite-sized pieces. 

2. Grind the coconut, cumin seeds, black pepper, and green chili with water to a coarse paste (the masala)

3. Use fresh or frozen grated coconut.   If using coconut pieces, mince them in a grinder first. 

Kootu can be made with other vegetables such as bottle gourd, chayote squash, ridge gourd, pumpkin, radish, carrots , and cabbage.

Traditionally, kootu is served with hot rice, ghee and poppadum.