A delicious condiment that tastes delicious as a spread on toast!

I am so excited to share this recipe with you! This is an easy one that takes just 15 minutes to make.  Let's  make it. 

I have learned this recipe from my mum. At home we call it kobbari pudina pachadi. Kobbari is coconut, pudina is mint and pachadi is chutney in the Telugu language.

Ingredients  For the chutney

Ingredients  For the tempering

Tempering is a way of adding more flavor and textures to a dish.

This recipe is free from:

01 Gluten

02 Grains

03 Nuts

04 Soy

05 Dairy

Flour Bag
Brown Rice

To a hot skillet, add oil. Add the chilies, mint, salt and turmeric and fry till the leaves wilt.  


Place the fried mixture in a blender jar along with tamarind pulp, coconut, and water. 


Blend till all the ingredients come together . 


Check the recipe cardfor full recipe, tips and notes to make the perfect chutney.

To make the tempering, heat oil in a skillet, add the lentils, mustard, and asafoetida.  When the lentils are golden brown, take the skillet off the heat. 


Check the recipe card for full recipe.

Add the tempered spices and the oil to the chutney.  Mix well.  


Serve this delicious chutney with hot rice or spread it on a slice of toast.  Enjoy!