This street style salad is the perfect rainy day snack! 

* Quick and easy - just 5 minutes!

* Requires no chopping or prepping - saves time!

* Has a lovely texture and juicy crunch!

* Is versatile - have it as a snack or as a side with meal.

* Is delicious and healthy - a tasty way to have your veggies.

This recipe is healthy and nourishing; low in calories, high in plant-based fiber and is budget-friendly!"

Simple store-cupboard ingredients


01 Gluten

03 Nuts

04 Soy

02 Dairy

Flour Bag

This is a allium-free, plant-based, and grain-free recipe.   

This recipe is free of these allergens: 2

I have made this recipe with frozen sweet corn and frozen green peas. You can, however, make it with fresh ones, if you have them. Do note that the cooking time may vary.

I have used small green peas (also known as petit pois) for their sweeter flavor and faster cooking time. You can use regular garden peas - bear in mind that they may take longer to cook.

This dish will keep well for 2-3 days. Store it in a clean, fridge-safe container with a lid. Top tip: If making a big batch and storing it for later, then do not add the lime juice yet. Add it after you have reheated the salad.

No chaat masala? No worries, add your favorite curry powder. Or increase the quantity of chili powder. This recipe is as forgiving as it is easy! There are times when I have gone totally out of the box and tried other flavors - thyme, black pepper, and butter for instance. It has turned out to be delicious every time!

Make this super simple, super easy corn and peas salad - check the blog for detailed recipe and video.