Indian Yellow Lentil Soup

Indian Yellow Lentil Soup

This lemon lentil soup, or nimmakaya pappu as we call it in Telugu, is my go-to soup when I need something quick, flavorful, and healing. This soup, made with spices that are good for your gut, and will soothe your soul, especially when you are feeling a bit under the weather.

This recipe is: *Gluten free *Grain free *Soy free *Nut free Allium free

Ingredients for Moong Dal Soup

My 3 top tips for delicious moong lentils soup, every time. 


Roast the lentils until they begin to change color. This will enhance the flavor of the soup. 

1. Roast the  lentils

Skim and discard the foam that rises on the dal while it is cooking. This also enhances the flavor greatly. 

2. Cooking the lentils

Fry whole spices in oil or ghee and add to the lentils after they cooked. This not only makes the soup delicious, the spices are good for the gut. 

3. Flavored oil/ ghee

What are the benefits of yellow lentil soup?

Yellow lentils are a rich source of plant-based protein. Lentils are high in dietary fiber. This soup is low in fat.

Serving Yellow Lentils Soup

Enjoy a warm bowlful of this zingy, comforting soup on its own or pour it over home hot rice.