Caramelizing Onions and Mushrooms in Garlic Butter

Caramelizing Onions and Mushrooms in Garlic Butter

This dish is full of rich flavors because of the caramelization. The onions and mushrooms turn golden brown and soft as they cook in butter, releasing their natural sugars and juices. The garlic and simple spices enhance the deep flavors even more, creating a mouthwatering aroma and taste.

This recipe is: *Gluten free *Grain free *Soy free *Nut free

How to caramelize onions and mushrooms

My 3 golden rules for perfect caramelization, every time. 


Use a heavy-bottomed wide skillet so that there is enough space for the onions and mushrooms.

1. The pan

Don’t stir the onions and the mushrooms too soon after adding them to the pan. Let them sit for a few minutes, so they can sear and prevent their juices or water from releasing.

2. Stirring

Adjust the heat during the cooking. Start with medium-high heat to sear the onions and mushrooms and give them a golden brown color. Then, turn it down to medium to cook them through and achieve an even brown color.

3. The heat

Do mushrooms cook faster than onions?

Mushrooms generally cook faster than onions. The cooking time for both ingredients depends on how they are prepared and the desired level of doneness.

Onion and Mushroom Stir Fry Ingredients