Easy Pancakes without eggs

Have kids coming over for a sleepover, and need a quick and easy breakfast idea? I have you covered! These easy pancakes without eggs come together in 20 minutes and are so fluffy, yummy and adaptable. Plus, they are vegan.

This ultimate breakfast pancake recipe is: * Nut Free * Egg Free * Soy Free * Dairy Free * Allium Free

Ingredients for Pancake Recipe without Eggs

You can add more interesting flavors to the pancakes, based on what you have the mood for - check the notes section on the blog.

Absolutely you can! Here is a quick overview of this no-eggs pancakes recipe.

Can you make pancakes without egg?


Even though these pancakes have no eggs, they are fluffy like a dream! The baking powder makes them soft enough for me to not have to add baking soda. The all purpose flour gives these pancakes a lightness.


These homemade pancakes without eggs are a breeze to make! Seriously, you cannot go wrong with them. Just mix the wet ingredients and the dry ingredients separately and then combine them together - that's it!



This is a vegan version of the classic pancake recipe. You can make it gluten free if you make it with buckwheat or millet flour. Moreover, you can also add flavors to make this recipe more interesting, based on what you feel like having: see the notes section for ideas.

Serving homemade pancakes without eggs

– a generous drizzle of dairy-free chocolate syrup maple or agave syrup fresh berries - I love fresh blueberries and strawberries - any plant based cream

variations of vegan pancakes

Use whole wheat flour instead of plain flour Make them gluten-free by using   and gluten free flour of your choice Add mashed ripe banana  or pumpkin to the batter